September 15-16,2018

ULTRA super generation electric music festival, one of the world’s three major electronic sounds, was burning in Beijing!

Mode V6 intelligent help build the music festival scene,

This time, we are not just the audience, but the protagonist.

Mode V6, escort for the gorgeous stage!

For the young people who love the electronic music culture, they have presented a wonderful super-generational music carnival. This music event, Mode V6 smart hoist has the honor to help build the music festival scene, once again escort for the gorgeous stage!

At the festival, people are shaking.

At the concert scene, the magnificent peak dances and the explosive audio-visual effects, countless fans gathered at the scene of the electric syllables, and the scene shone with a vast sea of lights.

No matter it is from the team behind-the-scenes work or stage equipment, it can be seen that this concert is a collection of people’s efforts.

The top dance and high-tech blessings are a thousand carnivals that all the teams have worked hard to create.

The success of an electronic syllable depends on every detail and is closely related to each link.

In particular, stage safety is of paramount importance. Only under the premise of safety can we achieve such a magnificent dance and be able to shine on the scene.

In order to create the best stage set effect with the syllable performance, the home of the electric syllable finally chose the MODE V6 series products with high quality products and rich project experience in the lifting field.

The whole process is safe and trouble-free, ensuring the smooth progress of the festival.

According to the stage effect needs in the whole performance of the syllables, MODE provided a stage electric hoist and control system for the music festival to improve and locate the sound, lighting system, stage facilities and scenery.

V6 Intelligent Hoist – the stage “behind the scenes craftsman”

The stage hoist is the top priority of the beauty of the dance. The stage uses V6 intelligent hoist to complete every kilogram of work!

It not only bears the burden of completing the mission, but also guarantees the safety and security of the stage.

It is the “artisan” behind the scenes of the beautiful stage, and the “behind the scenes” of the colorful stage.

After watching the concert, in addition to praising the actors and behind-the-scenes staff on the stage, don’t forget our “behind the scenes hero”.