The Italian Alcart Festival, which began in 2010, is now one of the most important cultural events in the summer activities in Sicily. Art, literature, film, drama and music have always been the fundamental symbols of Alcart. Alcart has grown from the beginning to the present, and has gathered a large number of young volunteers who love music to participate in the music and cultural services. The location of the festival is also part of the historic centre of Alcamo, with its Bagolino Square and suburban park, which can accommodate up to 10,000 visitors. Many volunteer youths come from well-known bands and artists from all over the world, and they all like the cultural projects here. The Alcart Festival is open to everyone, designing creative workshops for children through games for informal education and encouraging young people to participate in photography, creative writing, news, music and theatre. Alcart also communicates with the audience through independent music to rock, from reggae music to rap and punk to Ska.