On the 18th and 19th of June 2017, Cambodian Prime Minister Song Anzo and the Anda Group’s president, Leakhena, were married. Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen was present.

This two-day royal wedding is expected! This marriage can be described as a strong team! It is not only the marriage of the powerful couples of the two parties, but even the layout of the wedding scene is based on the international first-line brand. This is an ultimate luxury wedding!

As early as the beginning of this year, Mud sales staff received this special order – 60 M1 manual cranes, and learned that it was provided for the Cambodian royal wedding, we are very happy!

When receiving the procurement demand, the quality requirements of the crane for the crane are very high. Among the many domestic brand hanging equipment, Mude has become the only qualified supplier, thanks to the excellent quality and brand international of Mode M1. height.

After 9 years of polishing, Mode M1 is gradually upgraded to meet European standards. There is a wide range of users around the world, suitable for fixed installation operating environment. For large weddings, Mode M1 is very popular for banquets.

This is a traditional Cambodian wedding. At this wedding, it is not only luxury, but also the Cambodian people’s attention to the blessings of relatives and friends.

Regardless of the multiple social responsibilities of the shoulders and shoulders, how big the scenes are, as long as the family is sitting together, there is still a lot of laughter and warmth.

▲  The bride and groom bless the family

▲    As a family member, Prime Minister Hun Sen attended the wedding