About safety rope

1. Is it fireproof?
· The standard airborne safety rope is not fireproof. The safety rope currently used is precision woven by high-strength polyester fiber special technology, which has super wear-resistant anti-skid performance. Provide complete fire protection ropes in standard configuration

2. Strength problem?
· The tested breaking force is 22KN (about 2.2 tons)

3. Does the length match the floor?
· 3-9 layer selection 30 meters
· 9-19 layer selection 60 meters
· 19-29 layer selection 90 meters

4. Rope life?
· It is recommended to test the rope every two years.

About the airborne host

1. Load-bearing load: minimum 30KG; maximum 125KG
2.Decline rate: the national standard is 0.16-1.5m/s
3. Net weight: no rope 1.8Kg
4.Deceleration principle: double centrifugal brake structure
5. Product advantages: small size, high overall strength, smooth drop, stylish appearance

Installation problem

1. Anchor point: special concrete expansion bolts are fixed on the top of the window, only need a small anchor point, which does not affect the overall home improvement effect.
2. Main storage problem: put it in a dry and easy to use storage point
3. Installation cost: free installation by professionals in Beijing; installation or installation by the animal husbandry designated by the animal husbandry
4. Door-to-door installation time after payment: within 7 working days after receipt

Quality Inspection

1. CE certification: Indicates that the product bearing the CE mark has passed the corresponding conformity assessment procedure and/or the manufacturer’s declaration of conformity.
2. Factory inspection certificate: Factory product 100% inspection higher than the national 10% sampling standard