Mode technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is the first manufacturer in stage electric hoist field in China with great technical strength, Mode company have got many award of patents of independent innovation, specialized in the provision of lifting solutions. Our products cover different areas including stage, industry and energy etc. Mode company has provided professional services for more than 2500 customers. Our products have been used in various world-class concerts, Beijing Olympic Games, Belt and Road, wind power etc. which are national energy projects and major projects.

Company History

In 2008, Mode Hoist entered the bird’s nest to sponsorthe closing ceremony of the 2008 Olympic Games, opening the preface of cooperating with large-scale entertainer.

In 2012, Mode implemented the strategy of global management and set up the Johannesburg branch of South Africa. At the time, Mode officially make a marketing strategy of globalization.
In 2012, we entered the wind power market and worked with Taiyuan heavy industries to explore a new area.
In 2012, Mode Hoist entered the splendid hall of the Great Hall of the people and the Zhongshan hall, opening a new era of cooperation with the government and the local TV stations.

In 2014, In the Spanish Pavilion of Shanghai Expo, Mode technology has independently finish the process of designing,installing with high quality which enable Mode company to bemore specialized and diversified in service providing.
In 2014, Mode company made a strategic cooperation with Hunan Xiangdian group and reached a long-term cooperation agreement to obtain a place in the wind power field.

In 2015, with China South car working hand in hand and long-term cooperation, so far, it has gradually occupied a place in the field of wind power.
In 2015, the Guangzhou Changlong circus, Mode company provided customersmore intelligent and superior services.
In 2015, Mode hoist began to enter the industrial field, Mode company,Yancheng Industrial Zone in Jiangsu as the opening point, has finished the cooperation with the the Great Wall automobile,moreover, Mode company, the painting workshop and the automobile production line as the start point, gradually opened the industrial market

In 2016, Mode company helped Beijing’s eleventh Asia Europe summit ensuring the smooth participation of global leaders.
In 2016, Jay Chou, “the strongest surface” world tour,-Beijing
In 2016. Mode has great achievement and became a supplier of China North Locomotive.

In 2017, the opening ceremony of the seventh Beijing International Film Festival.
In 2017, “The Belt and Road Forum meeting
In 2017, the National Games in Tianjin; Venice exhibition hall in Macao; torch festival in Liangshan.
In 2017, Mode successfully co-work with the XJ Group to create green energy for the wind energy market.

International market

The international business of Mode company spreads the United States, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, Dubai, South Africa, India, Russia, Mexico, Qatar, Chile, Columbia, Honduras, Venezuela, Singapore, Lebanon and other countries all over the world, covering 82% market share in the world in 109 languages. Under the high demand of the market, in October 2016, a branch office of Mode was set up in New York, USA, to provide better and more convenient services for the international market.