Mode Technology 611 hoist innovation listed, “light” is beyond your imagination!

The famous scholar Hendrick Wilhelm Fang Long once said, “The reason why human beings develop science and technology is based on the demand for “lazy”. When the early people tried to move heavy objects, they could only take, move, and drag with their hands. Later, they learned to use levers and pulleys. People in the industrial period invented steam hoist, and tall hoist could lift tons of heavy objects. Those hoists play an important role in the fields of construction, industry and energy. However, with the development of the times, the bulky hoists are far from meeting the needs of people, and their transportation is also very inconvenient.

Lifting tools from the original lever tool to the current mainstream small electric hoist, technological advancement and research and development innovation, not only make the product more extensive use, lifting work more scientific, the role of electric hoists Can be highlighted. Compared to the original work and simple lifting products, the electric hoist can minimize the intensity of work and the probability of accidents in case of emergency.

Since the lifting industry is very small, especially in the Chinese market, the lifting industry started late, the foundation is weak, and the national brand is lacking. Mode Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. has been committed to “simplify the next level” since its inception. It integrates R&D, production, and sales applications into one, and continues to innovate. From the advent of the M6 hoist in 2011 to the V6 smart hoist in 2016, it has created a new record. The advantages of electric hoist products of Mode Technology in the lifting service industry are getting bigger and bigger .

Drive the quality revolution with technological innovation

Since its inception, Mode Technology has always insisted on creating high-quality products for consumers with the heart of craftsmen. It has set an example for the industry in terms of technological innovation and quality improvement. After 11 years of development, Mode Technology has become a domestic lifting synonymous with industry quality.

While deepening the domestic market and maintaining its competitive edge, Mode Technology has continuously expanded its overseas market to meet the more individual requirements of foreign users. Today’s China, although it has already become a major power producer, there are few areas that can occupy the leading position in the international market. While adhering to the industry, Mode Technology seeks to develop into a high-tech industry and actively responds to the “Made in China 2025” strategy. It hopes to take the traditional industry as a breakthrough and win a place for Chinese companies on the world stage. And even global users bring world-quality, reasonable price products.

Recently, Mode Technology has developed a new generation of 611 international version of electric hoist products. With light volume, small size and safer protection, it has once again opened a new chapter in the human lifting industry.

Small body, big power

After a product meets the practical functions, it is easy for people to start paying attention to the experience of the product itself. The initial hoist products, the bulky volume makes people feel more secure, but with the continuous development of technology, people have new requirements on the weight, volume and size of the hoist. The latest 611 international version of Mode Technology has broken new records in terms of its weight and volume.

The development of a light electric hoist product is the goal that Mode Technology has existed in the design blueprint since its establishment in 2007. After 11 years of research and development and continuous product innovation, 611 in 2018 finally came to the dream.

The size of the 611 hoist is only 38cmX26cmX14cm, which is similar to the size of a laptop. At the same time, in order to reduce the volume and facilitate carrying, Mode R&D personnel have tried hundreds of materials and forging processes for many years. Finally, the selected casing of 611 is a new high-tech material with lighter weight, which is not only small in size but also more valuable than you Imagination. The 611 weighs only 26 kg and is lightweight and compact. It can be carried by a single person and can handle any lifting needs at any time.

Although small in size, it can lift up to 1T. This also makes the 611 hoist more efficient and adapts to a stronger and more diverse environment.

Small volume bursts more security

As a lifting equipment widely used in stage activities, big concerts, big conferences and other common activities, the safety quality of products is not only the embodiment of brand power, but also affects people’s life safety. Accidents caused by the failure of the stage lifting equipment are common, and Mode Technology, as an important developer in the lifting field, has the responsibility and obligation to control product safety.

In terms of material, the 611 international version of the shell is made of new materials, light in weight, high in strength and more reassuring in quality; and the casing adopts integral die-casting process, which is safer without gaps; while the important components of the hoist are driven by high quality. Alloy steel, harder and safer. It has the world’s high level of lifting chains, up to 7 times the breaking force.

In terms of gears, the 611 International Edition uses high-precision helical gear transmission, which is more accurate and has 0 error, which makes the transmission more stable and reliable. Moreover, the smooth drive, at the same time, the noise is smaller, giving users and onlookers a confidence.

Technically, the 611 International Edition is equipped with a number of patented technologies. For example, the motor independently developed by Mode Technology, together with SKF bearings, not only runs freely, but also has passed ISO9001 quality system certification. Moreover, this 611 product is also equipped with Mode’s unique 45° patented chain-leading technology, which greatly reduces the phenomenon of the chain and makes the chain smoother. Each machine at Mode has passed at least 11 safety and motion tests before leaving the factory, giving users more peace of mind.

Exquisite craftsmanship, creating a beautiful shape

In addition to being lighter, smaller, and safer, the 611 is equally excellent. In terms of appearance, the 611 all-aluminum body with in-line threaded connection, the manufacturing process is exquisite, and the surface of the fuselage does not even see a bare screw trace. The noble metal silver with the pink diamond pattern makes the 611 hoist more simple, elegant and elegant.

Of course, beauty outside does not conflict with high practicality. Mode 611 has no compromise in every detail, and 611 reflects the beauty and ingenuity of design everywhere. For example, Mode Technology specially designed the grooved handle for this product. The appearance of metal silver is high-grade, and there is no gap in forging. It is not only smoother when lifting, but also completely unloaded when carrying it. Pastoral from the nuances of the user experience the intention.

As a lifting device, the electric hoist is not used frequently in daily use and needs to be stored or transported for a long time. If it is not handled properly, it will affect the use of the product. The 611 electric hoist is equipped with an all-aluminum body and an in-line threaded connection. The whole body is seamlessly constructed. When stored, it can effectively avoid corrosion and damage caused by moisture, dust, dirt, etc., greatly improving the use of the product. Term and security. And the outer casing is hard enough to leave no trace even if it is accidentally rubbed with sand. More importantly, it does not take up space when it is stored, and only needs a small corner to be placed.

As a major R&D and application enterprise in the domestic lifting industry, Mode Technology has always been at the forefront of the industry in terms of research and development awareness and product utility. Mode inherits the “ingenuity spirit”, and each product is carefully crafted and refined, and it has the good product quality and reputation of Mode. And this Mode 611 hoist can be said to have a milestone significance in the lifting industry, for more than 100 years, this is the light moment of the hoist!