Long-awaited: TA is finally here, so light ever in 100 years!

We have been unable to return to the era when big thing must be strong and small thing must be simple.

Indeed, when a small thing performs beyond our expected function, we are not only surprised, but also have unexpected surprise, and often sigh “this little thing is so useful.”

Technology is “shrinking” everything. Sixty years ago, the computing power of a computer weighing about 20,000 kilograms and occupying about 160 square meters can now be done with metal piece that is less than 1/10 the size of your nails.

When the early people tried to move heavy objects, they could only take, move, and drag with their hands. Later, they learned to use levers and pulleys. People in the industrial period invented steam cranes, and tall cranes can lifted Tons of heavy objects.

Lifting tools from the original lever tool to the current mainstream small electric crane, with the development of the times, the bulky crane is far from meeting the needs of people, and its own transportation is also very inconvenient.

All the famous hoist brands are pursuing higher performance and better appearance at this moment.

Mode, as a professional stage hoist brand for years, redefined the hoist with a smaller size and lighter weight standard. The 611 hoist has achieved the ultimate mini volume, but it also guarantees perfect lifting performance. It’s a practical modal for all the customers who need portable hoist.

Most people are unwilling to carry heavy hoist to transport around. And this gave birth to a small and high-quality crane–611. Today, this crane has come to us.


Never so light since 100years ago

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New member of Mode hoist—international 611

It changes the inherent impression of the hoist

Bring cold hoist a new aesthetic and living

With a new sense to lifting line.

Exquisite craftsmanship, and fashional outsite

Quality and performance are fundamental, but the shape and design of the 611 is also uncompromising. The all-aluminum metal silver body with the embedded threaded link is a trend, and the international hoist 611 naturally catches up with this bus. The all-aluminum side feels excellent, fits the hand-shaped grooved handle, and the whole body is seamlessly constructed. When stored, it can effectively avoid corrosion and damage caused by moisture, dust, dirt, etc., greatly improving the service life and safety of the product. The noble metal silver and Chinese red are also very beautiful, which not only ensures good appearance, but also quite practical.

The size of the 611 electric hoist only 38X26X14cm, which is equivalent to the height of a Coke bottle. In order to reduce the volume and onvenient to carry, MODE R&D department have tried hundreds of materials and forging processes for many years. Finally, the selected casing of 611 is a new high-tech material with lighter weight. It is not only small in size, but the 611 weight is only 26kg,light and compact volume. It can be carried by a single person, it is easier to handle and transport, and it can meet all kinds of lifting transportation needs at any time. Although small in size, it can lift up to 1T or more. This also makes the 611 electric hoist more efficient and adapts to a stronger and more diverse environment. Realizing such high performance in this small body is really not an easy task.